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Severe Malware Attack Damaged Cr2 Files

Cr2 file extension is another very popular file format which is used to store pictures. In fact, this file extension actually belongs to or is a part of very well renowned brand, Canon. Canon is a worldwide famous camera brand which manufactures absolutely incredible camera models. This brand is widely used because of it high performance, luxury, coziness, fashion and amazing designs. With its ability to shot pictures easily and with high image quality, users are willing to use it even after having so many brands across the globe. Images captured through canon camera are extremely sharp and has brilliant image quality.

All the images in a Canon camera are saved in cr2 file format which is used to store raw sensor data. The cr2 file extension is used to keep useful and important data and is very much compatible. But, this delicate file format is prone to corruption or damage. Cr2 easily get corrupted when exposed to unfavorable circumstances. There are number of reasons which are responsible for affecting cr2 file extension. These are :

  • System file corruption
  • Improper ejection of memory card
  • Mistyped file name
  • Interruption during transfer
  • Corruption of storage media
  • Use of camera with low battery
  • Mishandling of device

However, another important factor which results in corruption or damage to cr2 file is virus attack. If computer system gets infected with virus or is already infected with it, it can probably damage cr2 files as well. Given below, few viruses are discussed to make you understand how they are harmful for the system.

For more information, click here : is a harmful computer malware infection which comes under browser hijacker category. The time when your computer gets infected with it, it will start changing the browser settings. As a result, browser's default home page and search tool will be changed. Moreover, registry entries of the compromised computer is also changed and replaced with malicious tasks. A nasty browser hijacker tends to damage web browsers as well. Infected browser will freeze or crash at times while operating it. In most of the cases, this harmful virus enters the system through bundling method where malicious program comes bundled with free softwares.

Another virus with the ability to infect computer and corrupt data and system files is Watch TV Now. This noxious computer infection is categorized as adware designed by hackers to inject and display intrusive ads on your computer screen. This kind of program is intrusive and mainly focuses on displaying lots of advertisements on the targeted computer screen. However, those ads, links and pop-ups are paid and generates revenue to its creators. Thus, user must not click on any dubious links and ads. This malware silently enters your system, this is the reason why users do not notice about its arrival in system. This type of infection leads to corruption of important data.

To know more about this malware, visit :

As discussed above, the presence of any kind of malware can be literally very dangerous for computer system. Hence, it is very important to follow prevention steps. You must select Custom installation while installing any free program. Never try to click or visit any dubious link or web page. Install an antivirus program on your system and keep your system up-to-date.

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